nvm_geo - Geometry


struct nvm_geo

Representation of device and virtual block geometry.

nvm_dev_get_geo, nvm_vblk_get_geo

Public Members

size_t nchannels

Number of channels on device.

size_t nluns

Number of LUNs per channel.

size_t nplanes

Number of planes per LUN.

size_t nblocks

Number of blocks per plane.

size_t npages

Number of pages per block.

size_t nsectors

Number of sectors per page.

size_t page_nbytes

Number of bytes per page.

size_t sector_nbytes

Number of bytes per sector.

size_t meta_nbytes

Number of bytes for out-of-bound / metadata.

size_t tbytes

Total number of bytes in geometry.


void nvm_geo_pr(const struct nvm_geo * geo)

Prints human readable representation of the given geometry.